Welcome to Max and the Marginalized's page/blog, etc. We are a political band in Los Angeles. We write and record a new song every week (as of this writing we've been doing this for 32 weeks straight), always about something that week which we find worthy of our protestations. All the songs are available for download right here.

The idea is simple, really. How can bands claiming to want to make a difference write a song about, say, ending the war and then hold on to it to make a perfectly polished recording of it for their album which will come out in a year, secretly and shamefully hoping the war lasts until then so their song, marketed properly, will still be relevant?

We don't have any interest in that. We write songs about things that are happening now, record them, and release them with the hopes that they can be a small part of a big conversation that leads to real progress.

All of our songs appear on The Huffington Post with little blogs accompanying them explaining what they are about. Those can be found right here. We are also on MySpace like every other band in the universe, but are trying to move the operation to the non-Murdoch world at our Facebook Page.

Lineup: Max Bernstein - guitar + vocals. Dave Watrous - Bass. Jon Ryggy - Drums. Our friend Max Waker is a recording engineer and makes cartoons.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another nice clip from Buelahman, this one for "Now That We Know..."

Thanks, Buelahman!


Anonymous said...

He Max,

Just want to let you know I've got this up at my blog.


uncledad said...

So Hill won by 10 points. Big fucking deal. Funny thing is she only gained 10 delegates. So Obama's lead dwindles from 167 to 157. What exactly does that mean? It means that HRC is free to kill whatever chance the Democratic Party has. It means she can make a few more appearances on late night television (maybe another 109 million in book sales). It means that she has three more weeks until either she quits or her husband convinces the black guy to bow out. It means alot of things, but in the end it only means 10 delegates. It means another week of faux news, another week of killing the eventual nominee; it means alot of things that will keep things the way they are, and the way some of us want them to be.