Welcome to Max and the Marginalized's page/blog, etc. We are a political band in Los Angeles. We write and record a new song every week (as of this writing we've been doing this for 32 weeks straight), always about something that week which we find worthy of our protestations. All the songs are available for download right here.

The idea is simple, really. How can bands claiming to want to make a difference write a song about, say, ending the war and then hold on to it to make a perfectly polished recording of it for their album which will come out in a year, secretly and shamefully hoping the war lasts until then so their song, marketed properly, will still be relevant?

We don't have any interest in that. We write songs about things that are happening now, record them, and release them with the hopes that they can be a small part of a big conversation that leads to real progress.

All of our songs appear on The Huffington Post with little blogs accompanying them explaining what they are about. Those can be found right here. We are also on MySpace like every other band in the universe, but are trying to move the operation to the non-Murdoch world at our Facebook Page.

Lineup: Max Bernstein - guitar + vocals. Dave Watrous - Bass. Jon Ryggy - Drums. Our friend Max Waker is a recording engineer and makes cartoons.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Just in case you didn't already see this Bill O'Reilly clip...

This is getting constantly put up and taken down on YouTube. Hopefully my friend Rami's link will work for a while:

Crooks and Liars has it here as well.

I think it's one of the 5 funniest things I've ever seen. Turn up speakers for maximum joy.


darkblack said...

Frankly, 'F*ck it, we'll do it live' is a marvelous ethos by which to approach the creative process...If one has the chops to let the moment's inspiration inflame greatness.

But if one can't get past a trite jazz DJ phrase from tymes ancient in their curdled cauldron of Cream O' Wheat that they call a cranium without personifying pique, well...'You're f*cked, better tape it'.


BuelahMan said...

Sup, Max

Don't know if you saw this, but it really ties it all together. Very funny...